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Reality may shatter dreams

new comp over at SC UK TEAM!


Hey all, Hope you're well.

We have a great opportunity for you guys!

Have you ever met Sugarcult? [im hoping some will say no!]
Do you want to meet Sugarcult?
At London, Sheffield, Nottingham, Liverpool or Edinburgh?

Well step this way!
We have meet and greets arranged for the above places and i have 5 places open for each show. Going to a show? Want to meet the band? EMAIL ME!!

In your email please state how you have been promoting the lovely band that this team is for [You can send in photos and also links to message boards or sites which you have promoted on] with which show you're going to and your mobile number. If you dont have a mobile, dont worry. Just be sure you can check your email on the 30th of September.

If you get chosen you will get an email on the 30th of September. Email me by the 29th of September with all your details so winners can be chose. Sorry for the small amount of people who can go in but it will be backstage and the venues the band are playing arent that big!

If you win you will have to be at your chosen venue for 6.45pm and ONLY you can go in. If you try to bring a friend in with you it wont be possible. I will send more details to the winners when they are chosen ofcourse so you know where to go...etc.

Email all your details and Photos to OR, If one of those email addresses fill up with photos and what not, message me on AIM [sn- ISpeakOfMadness] or MSN []

Any questions or queries feel free to email or instant message me! Good luck!



If you need something to promote with on message boards please use this image :

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