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The UK Cult

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[31 Jul 2006|08:36pm]

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[15 Nov 2005|06:24pm]

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New site. Reps needed. [19 May 2005|08:39pm]
Hello all.
Long time no message.
The band are currently writing & recording their new album so there isn't much action happening over here.
There's a new team site up -

I'm looking for new representatives. If you think you could do this job, let me know!

Information is on the site.

Take care

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[18 May 2005|01:16am]
[ mood | tired ]

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[28 Apr 2005|07:49am]

If anyone needs an icon done for their favorite band or person or anything, email me at Shadow10570@yahoo.com or aim me at Cheeta12890. Show me the picture and I'll make it into what you want it to be. It can also be a gif. if you want.
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[03 Feb 2005|04:03pm]
Request from Mr. 72.


Post on message boards about how you would like to see Sugarcult at the Carling festivals and//or Glastonbury.

Go to the festival sites and send an email saying how much you'd like to see Sugarcult at the festival!


Be good teamers. Go on.

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[12 Nov 2004|06:29pm]
Sugarcult headline shows with The Kinison as support


Date: Wednesday 8th December 2004
Venue: Stoke Sugarmill
Tickets: 0871 2302623
Website: http://www.thesugarmill.co.uk/home.php
Ticket: £10 adv

Date: Sunday 12th December 2004
Venue: Oxford Zodiac
Tickets: 0871 2302623
Website: http://www.the-zodiac.co.uk/
Ticket: £10 adv / £11 door
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new sugarcult uk team [09 Nov 2004|06:59pm]
Want to join the NEW UK Street Team? Go to http://www.xtaster.co.uk/ -
Then click "Register" and sign up. You can also visit the Sugarcult page under "Projects".
Join the team now as Sugarcult are headed to the UK in a couple of weeks!

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Sugarcult supporting Blink 182 in europe [02 Nov 2004|09:54pm]
Thats right.

Sugarcult are supporting BLINK 182 on their European tour.

Dates are below :

> 30 UK,Birmingham,NEC
December 2004
> 01 UK,Glasgow,SECC
> 02 UK,Newcastle,Metro Arena
> 03 UK,Manchester,MEN Arena
> 05 UK,London,Wembley Arena
> 06 UK,London,Wembley,Arena
> 07 UK,Cardiff,Arena
> 10 France,Paris,Bercy
> 11 Germany,Munster,Messerhalle West
> 13 UK,Nottingham,Arena
> 14 UK,London,Brixton Academy
> 16 Ireland,Dublin,Point

Everything is confirmed now.

Promote this tour like nothing else. Its going to be the biggest [indoor] shows sugarcult have done in Europe. Lets make it rock!!

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[24 Sep 2004|06:48pm]

new comp over at SC UK TEAM!


Hey all, Hope you're well.

We have a great opportunity for you guys!

Have you ever met Sugarcult? [im hoping some will say no!]
Do you want to meet Sugarcult?
At London, Sheffield, Nottingham, Liverpool or Edinburgh?

Well step this way!
We have meet and greets arranged for the above places and i have 5 places open for each show. Going to a show? Want to meet the band? EMAIL ME!!

In your email please state how you have been promoting the lovely band that this team is for [You can send in photos and also links to message boards or sites which you have promoted on] with which show you're going to and your mobile number. If you dont have a mobile, dont worry. Just be sure you can check your email on the 30th of September.

If you get chosen you will get an email on the 30th of September. Email me by the 29th of September with all your details so winners can be chose. Sorry for the small amount of people who can go in but it will be backstage and the venues the band are playing arent that big!

If you win you will have to be at your chosen venue for 6.45pm and ONLY you can go in. If you try to bring a friend in with you it wont be possible. I will send more details to the winners when they are chosen ofcourse so you know where to go...etc.

Email all your details and Photos to sugarcultukteam@hotmail.com OR sugarcultukteam@yahoo.co.uk, If one of those email addresses fill up with photos and what not, message me on AIM [sn- ISpeakOfMadness] or MSN [sugarcultukteam@hotmail.com]

Any questions or queries feel free to email or instant message me! Good luck!



If you need something to promote with on message boards please use this image :


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Official Sugarcult UK Dates [19 Oct 2004|05:20pm]

Hope you're well and if you got back your A-level results today; i hope they're the results you wanted! I have the Sugarcult final confirmed tour dates and thought i'd let you all know. They're onsale at www.seetickets.com except for the nottingham date. I'm trying to find out where the tickets are being sold for that show. If you're going to any of these dates please email me at sugarcultukteam@hotmail.com and i'll try and sort out some promotional materials for you to promote the show! Ofcourse, we can only have a certain amount of people promoting at one show so i may have to have a limit. Anyway, these are the dates :

October 02 Nottingham at Rock City
October 03 Norwich at Waterfront
October 04 Edinburgh at Liquid Room
October 05 Aberdeen at Moshulu
October 06 Sheffield at Leadmill
October 07 Liverpool at University
October 08 London at Mean Fiddler

Hope most of you get to go! No news as of yet about support so please please please dont ask. When we know, I'll let you know!!

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[16 Aug 2004|03:42pm]

In this update ::

Voting Info
UK updates
Yahoo Interview and Live performance

Hey All,
First off, an apology for the late update. Geocities hasn't been working for me due to changing internet servers but its all fixed now! Because of the internet change i managed to get a new form for you all to fill in to join the street team. If you joined via email please fill in your details again or i will do it for you. The form is so that your details will be kept in a mailing list and it means you will get updates quicker and more often. Thanks!

MTV UK has a voting page on their website, Its time to get Sugarcult on the voting list! To do this go to:

and on the bottom right hand side theres a part you can fill in, all you gotta do is type in "Sugarcult" and "Memory" =) Done! Get all your friends to do it too!! It will help the bands LOADS.

Aswell as MTV TRL you can also vote for Sugarcult in the UK Kerrang! Awards. Fill in any catagory you find appropriate, "Best Single", "Best live band" what ever you want! Get all your friends to fill it in too and sugarcult will hopefully be up for nomination!!
To vote all you have to do is go to the following link:


All the details are there and it can be done in 5 minutes of your time!

Sugarcult are going to be releasing "She's the blade" as their new single, no more info on that at the moment in time but when i get it, i'll let you all know. But even though theres a new single soon doesnt mean you need to stop promoting "Memory". Scuzz TV [471 - Sky Digital] has a wonderful playlist on every night from 8-9.30pm called "Warped Tour". On here they have Sugarcult - "Memory" to vote for. The number is 035, vote for this as much as you can. All the details are on the link to your right called "Other"

For all you people who have heard about Sugarcult supporting Bowling For Soup - THIS IS NOT TRUE. No one confirmed this so please, please dont go buying tickets if youre not a Bowling for soup fan and you're hoping to see Sugarcult there. Sugarcult will be playing around 3 shows over here in the UK and then travel over the ocean to visit our friends all over the rest of Europe for 2-3 weeks. The time slot that they are hoping to do this is from September 14th till October 9th. More info when i get it =)

Sugarcult have been on Yahoo! Launch with an interview AND Live performance. I thought you'd all like to see these so go to Yahoo Launch and you'll see them on the front page!

Take care and Rock On!

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[13 Jun 2004|02:14pm]

In this update ::

Memory Release info
UK Tour Line up

The New Sugarcult single "Memory" Is out TODAY! [[Monday the 7th of June.]]

Spread this news as far as you can. Let everyone know!

Its currently number 8 in the "Most Popular" coming soon releases on www.hmv.co.uk

Remember to buy the single this week so that we can try to get our boys in the top 40! Get all your friends to buy it! For the track listing see below!

Tracklisting for "Memory" CD -
1. Memory
2. Blackout [Non Album Version]
3. Memory [Acoustic Version]

MTV UK has a voting page on their website, Its time to get Sugarcult on the voting list! To do this go to:

and on the bottom right hand side theres a part you can fill in, all you gotta do is type in "Sugarcult" and "Memory" =) Done! Get all your friends to do it too!! It will help the bands LOADS.

The official UK Tour band line up has been announced. The band will be supported by Cardia from NY for all the tour dates. Cardia is Ian from Rival Schools' new band. They have been to UK twice and the last time they were here was supporting Saves the Day. The other two bands to join are, The Division of Laura Lee from the 13th to the 17th. They are band from Sweden who are signed to Epitaph. Their new album, aswell as Sugarcults single "Memory" was reviewed in this weeks Kerrang! Magazine and both received 4 stars [[click reviews to see the memory review!]]. The next band on the line up are The Fight, These are a UK band who are signed to "Fat Wreck Chords". In the past they have supported both Rancid and Brand New. They will be on the tour for the three final dates of the tour. See below for the line ups.

6/13 Newport. - Sugarcult, Division of Laura Lee, Cardia
6/14 Portsmouth. - Sugarcult, Division of Laura Lee, Cardia
6/15 Leeds. - Sugarcult, Division of Laura Lee, Cardia
6/16 Birmingham. - Sugarcult, Division of Laura Lee, Cardia
6/17 London. - Sugarcult, Division of Laura Lee, Cardia
6/18 Oxford. - Sugarcult, Cardia, The Fight
6/19 Manchester. - Sugarcult, Cardia, The Fight
6/20 Glasgow. - Sugarcult, Cardia, The Fight

Sugarcult are in the UK from next Sunday - I hope you all get to see them on this tour. If not, dont worry. They will be back as soon as they can!

Take care and Rock On!

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tiny snipet of information [05 Jun 2004|08:31pm]

Memory (which is out on Monday) was reviewed in Kerrang.
Received 4 K's =)
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[04 Jun 2004|08:39pm]

Soooo what if its Cliche and Commercial? Its helping the band!
Go to:

and on the bottom right hand side theres a part you can fill in, all you gotta do is type in 'Sugarcult' and 'Memory' =) Done! Get all your friends to do it too!! Thanks and Take Care

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[23 May 2004|02:36pm]

I have now made a Sugarcult UK Team Yahoo Group for you all to join. Just click below to get updates quicker and meet fans easier!



Sugarcult UK Team

Click to subscribe to SugarcultUKTeam

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[21 May 2004|04:06pm]

Hey Team
Hope You're well.

Info in this update –
· Leaflets update
· Tour Dates
· Scuzz TV
· Merch Update
· Poster update
· Student radio Information
· Street Team competition Details

First things first –
Apologies to all who asked for leaflets. There have been major problems with the company I used to send the promotional material and they sent them back to me yesterday saying there wasn’t enough postage on them [even though I paid down at the post office?] So I have had to send them all off again. Hopefully you will receive them this time! I have new leaflets up for grabs so if I run out I will be sending some of you those ones instead.

Sugarcult are back in the UK from the 13th to the 20th as i'm sure you all know! Hope you have your tickets. Promotion for them shows will be coming up in this email. To remind you again the tour dates are:
June 13, Sunday
Newport, England

June 14, Monday
Portsmouth, England
Wedgewood Rooms

June 15, Tuesday
Leeds, England

June 16, Wednesday
Birmingham, England
Academy 2

June 17, Thursday
London, England
Islington Academy

June 18, Friday
Oxford, England

June 19, Saturday
Manchester, England
Manchester University

June 20, Sunday
Glasgow, Scotland
The Garage

You can buy tickets for any of the shows at www.wayahead.com

Sugarcult’s video ‘Memory’ has been played on Scuzz TV fair bit now, they’re still at number 5 in the charts but we need to push them that extra bit further. To do that see the info below –
Go to channel 471 and press the Red Button on your Sky remote and vote for ‘Memory’
Send a text with the track number to 88729 (texts cost 50p/msg + normal network charges)
OR call scuzz on 09014 900352. (UK: 50p/call).
If you're in the ROI then you can only vote via the Red button. Calls cost 95c.
Sugarcult Merchandise is also becoming very cheap in the UK due to new merchandise coming out and the old stocks need to be taken! To see what’s available go to www.sugarcult.swagshop.com the very limited edition CD ‘Wrap me up in plastic’ is available from this site and it’s the only site I know of that’s still selling it! [Sugarcult.com sold out. Get yours now!]
Posters are still available for the teamers. Check the site to see how to get some. It’s very easy and it doesn’t cost much at all for the amount you get and the help you’re doing.
Sugarcult’s new single ‘Memory’ has been added to the following University radio stations. If you go to any of these universities let me know ASAP and I will send out loads of leaflets to help you spread the word!
Bailrigg - C list (lancaster uni)

Bay - A list (aberystwyth uni)

Crush - A list (herts uni)

CUR - C list (cambridge uni)

GU2 - A list (surrey uni)

IBFM -B list (burnley college)

Kube - A list (keele uni)

LCR - C list (loughborough uni)

NSR - B list (Newcastle uni)

Queens - A list (queens uni, Belfast)

Radio Air3 - B list (stirling uni)

Rare - B list (ucl)

SIN - B list (Southampton institute)

Tube - B list (Thames valley uni)

UCA - A list/#12 (ayr uni)

URB - B list (bath uni)

Utopia - C list (Sunderland uni)

YWCR - A list (wrexham college)

And finally – the very interesting part of the update.
We now have a street team competition running in conjunction with the UK tour. It’s easy to enter and it's definitely worth it!
All you have to do is promote the tour. Promote the band! All you need to do is below:
Part 1 –
Get as many people as you can to join the UK street team. Get your friends to email me and join, they need to say who it was who informed them of the team and you’re in to win already.

Part 2-
Promote the tour.
To do this either ask me for some leaflets and I will get your reps to send them through or make your own leaflets! Post the tour dates on message boards but DON’T Spam. If there’s already a Sugarcult thread on the message board just reply to that thread and tell them about the tour. Post on music message boards and band message boards which have fans that you think will be into Sugarcult. Send me the links to the threads you posted in and don’t just join the board to post that one thread! It gives a bad impression and people wont pay much attention! When handing out leaflets take photos. Or, if you use posters take photos of the posters! Use a digital camera and send the images through or use a regular camera and send the photos through snail mail [I will send the photos back]

Part 3-
Spread the word on Sugarcult. Just post posters, post on message boards, hand out leaflets the lot. Do what you can do best! Extra points to anyone who finds a unique/different way to promote the band!

The 5 people who manage to promote the most will win a Sugarcult [U.S only!] promotional poster SIGNED by all the band!
Deadline is Monday the 21st of June, the day after the UK tour. Short notice I know but I’ve only just been given the go ahead. If you want to enter get in touch ASAP and I will try to sort you out with leaflets.

That’s all for now. Hope you get to see Sugarcult when they come over next month!
Take care and Rock On!!

Sugarcult UK Street Team
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[18 May 2004|07:51pm]


^^ GO vote Sugarcult!

Sugarcult UK Team
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[17 May 2004|06:56pm]



Slipknot : Duality
Panic Cell : Save Me
Brides Of Destruction : S.T.F.U.
Linkin Park : Breaking The Habit
Sugarcult : Memory
Murderdolls : White Wedding
HIM : Solitary Man
New Found Glory : All Downhill From...
Hoobastank : The Reason
InMe : Faster The Chase
The Rasmus : In The Shadows
Breed 77 : The River
Killswitch Engage : Rose Of Sharyn
Drowning Pool : Step Up
Cky : Flesh Into Gear
Brand New : The Quiet Things...
Zebrahead : Playmate Of The Year
Auf Der Maur : Real A Lie
X Is Loaded : 13 Days
Zebrahead : Rescue Me
Blink 182 : What's My Age Again
Yellowcard : Way Away
Iron Maiden : No More Lies
Vero : How Does It Feel
Korn : Freak On A Leash

We need to get them higher up in the charts guys!! To check how to vote go to the 'Other Promotion' page on the or read the info below :

Sugarcult - Memory

Go to channel 471 and press the Red Button on your Sky remote and vote for the video
Send a text with the track number to 88729 (texts cost 50p/msg + normal network charges)
OR call scuzz on 09014 900352. (UK: 50p/call).

If you're in the ROI then you can only vote via the Red button. Calls cost 95c.

Get voting guys!!



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[08 May 2004|08:31pm]
[ mood | blah ]

hey does anyone know who are supporting sugarcult in the uk because im going to see them in birmingham, yay!!

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